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Montevecchia is the heart of green Brianza, as a matter of fact it is Brianza, for this name place at one time indicated an area including just Monte Brianza and the Montevecchia hill.
Today Montevecchia is the only area that has conserved the aspect and atmosphere of bygone Brianza, thanks to the establishment, in the 1980s, of a Regional Park with a view to preserving this outstanding natural habitat.
The park spreads over 2,350 hectares, almost entirely consisting of woodlands. It is the last surviving strand of what the Brianza area once looked like: moderately populated, rich in water, with its perennial streams, featuring vineyards and pastures. But, above all, covered with woods.

From an altitude of 503 metres, Montevecchia dominates the valley that sweetly slopes down towards the flatlands; at its back, deep set vales, with steep sides, keep alive the wildness of the past. The view is breathtaking.
During the spring, the Park’s spontaneous vegetation is alive with a multicoloured and scent-filled efflorescence.
Local agriculture continues to produce treasures: besides its fine selection of whites and reds, which are much appreciated by wine connoisseurs, the Brianza region offers a wide array of delightful goat and cow cottage cheeses.

This unexpected natural treasure lies at very short distance from Milan.
It is the ideal destination for daytrips or weekends: a place of discovery for both the soul and the palate.


Parco Regionale di Montevecchia e della Valle del Curone Parco Regionale di Montevecchia
e della Valle del Curone