Via Passone, 2 - 23874 Montevecchia - LC
Tel. +39 039 9930556 - Fax +39 039 9930995

The Passone is the most famous restaurant in Montevecchia; specialising in gala dinners and banquets, it is also a favourite with those who enjoy a good meal.

The Passone now has a new Residence, to provide hospitality to those clients who may have indulged too much in the joys of the table!

Located in an old building that has been elegantly restructured, Residence Corte del Passone has 10 rooms of varying sizes, all capable of offering maximum comfort, all year round.

Reading room and conference hall
Large and quiet hall for meetings or conferences that can be utilised by guests as a reading or games room.

The park
A striking view of the Brianza campagna, with hidden corners, flowered pergolas, tourist paths leading to the romantic lakelet. Night time water and light play turns the place into a magical spot.